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Older Brothers…. August 12, 2007

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  1. Try the first and most effective way of getting them away from you. Act like you are not aware of them trying to harass you, and kindly (with NO tone) ask them to leave the room. 

  2.  If this fails, ignore them completely. They will eventually lose interest in bugging you and either find someone else to pester, or just leave.

  3. Act as if nothing is going on, and that he doesn’t even exist. If babysitting, and all else fails, call for reinforcements (examples- parents, neighbors ect) this will lessen the amount of “annoyingness”.

  4. Try to talk in private with your parent(s) or guardian(s) and see what they think because if your brother doesn’t listen to you when you say stop maybe your parent can talk to them about respecting you more.

  5. If he wants to play a game with you make a compromise. Offer to play a game that they really like either straight away or later (depending on how you feel); as long as they let you play your game without them. This will give them some of your attention and it will let them get over their need to spend time with you.

  6. He loves you; he just wants to be around you. He enjoys fighting with you and making you miserable because that’s how they show they love you at least that is what my mom says.

  7. Do not show your brother that you’re angry, because when you fight fire with fire it will get worse.

  8. If your brother is 1-2 years older than you, tell your parents. They’re only a few years apart from you. Than probably know how you feel. When you tell your parents, try suggesting them not to tell your brother that you told them. He can tease you for being a “tattle tale”.

  9. If your brother is more than 3 years older than you, and they’re MATURE, tell them to stop. Tell him that his “rival” or a weirdo geek wouldn’t do that. If he does have a rival, tell him that you’ll rather be his rival’s little sister.

  10. Okay, all of these won’t work. For most people, this would work out: When he bugs you, sigh. A big sigh. Mumble this to yourself, a little bit loud so he can understand you… “*sigh* I wonder what I”LL DO TO HIM IF I WAS THE BROTHER AND HE WAS THE SISTER.”

  11. You’re desperate. Desperate, desperate, desperate! Your brother wouldn’t stop. if he has a girlfriend, or a close friend that he “likes”, tell her all about what he’s done to you, and tell her that he probably does that to other girls. Say it in front of him. Say it in front of his best friends. AVOID YOUR PARENTS. Finally, when “his girl” leaves, run in to your room and lock the door. If you don’t have a lock, go to the bathroom. (I recommend you to bring a little “snack”, incase he’s after you after lunch or dinner.)

  12. If he never knocks with out asking at your next family meeting (if you don’t have one tell your parents about your issue with him) and tell them how you feel about your brother not knocking on your door or coming in with out asking.

  13. If he touches your stuff with out asking. Tell him to put it down and if he doesn’t listen go tell your parents. Your not being a taddle-tale when you go tell your parents. They deserve to know what he does that bugs you. They can help put an end to it.

  14. If he takes your things, ask him nicely to ask before taking your stuff because you never know what the answer is going to be when you ask nicely.

  15. If he is just being completely rude to you should be rude back see how he likes it or if you don’t want to do that then go tell your parents.

  16. If he is bugging you a lot when you’re in your room close your door. It will tell him not to come in because he doesn’t want to walk in on you dressing.

  17. If he uses the phone 24/7 (and you don’t have a cell phone) then ask him nicely when you can use it because you want to make plans with your friend. If he says that no because he waiting on a call back then ask him when the he is expecting the call. If he doesn’t know then tell him you will only be 5 minutes or just cut to the case and tell him you will only be five minutes.

  18. There is no point in arguing with your brother because it gets you no were. You can use a compromise or just ignore him because once you start to argue they don’t listen and they just want to be right all the time.

  19. Do not yell at them. It’s proven that boys listen better when you sit down with them and ask them nicely not to do it. Make sure there are no distractions around because boys get distracted easily it’s a proven fact that boys have a small attention span so don’t make it a big talk either. But when you yell at them they don’t like it and they will just yell back and it makes everything worse

  20. Try to spend time with your brother. It makes it so you two are close and he wont bug you as much because he respects you. Try to do something you both like to do, (like Sports, movies, games, ECT.) but the only way It helps to take the blame for something small that your brother has done because it shows your brother that you’re not all that bad of a sister and he might do the same to you. It also shows your brother that he can trust you and the most important part of a relationship is trust.

  21. If your brother comes to you for advice about girls or something then give it to him. Don’t be mean and give him the wrong advice, treat him as it were your best friend asking for advice. If it works it will show your brother that you’re not as dumb as he thought and he can come to you when he needs you.